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Robert Jarvis

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06/18/17 06:40 AM #1    

William Klink

Although Bob and I certainly knew each other in High School (we were both on the football team---he was our best lineman IMHO), my vivid memories of him are while we we at De Anza Elementary.

I lived on Stelling Drive (near Laraine Tringali and Ken Ruff)  and Bob lived on Ross, which did not have direct access to Stelling and that neighborhood of Mackey homes.  Bob and I used to shoot slingshots and bb guns and "young guy" stuff on his much larger property on Ross.


To get there quicklly I walked across the street and hopped the fence --- actually walked and balanced atop itt---for only about 100 feet to gain access to Bob large yard.  Richard Aldis and his family did not care about my tresspassing.


One year when I was 11 or 12, Bob and Fred Huber (who lived on Clara and also went to De Anza) and I for my birthday party got a ride from my dad  to the "Fun House" (scary amusement park motif) up at Fleishakers (sp.) Zoo in SF on the most fun birthday party as a kid.  That's my most vovid memory of "Big Bob"


He also had a very petit and pretty girlfriend (younger than us) whom he absolutely dwarfed.. They seemed in "young love".   Miss ya Bob 


06/21/17 10:43 AM #2    

Dave Kaufmann

Bob was one of my best friends in elementary school. I lived at the corner of Sutter Ct. and Ross Rd., and Bob lived down Ross (going towards Cubberley) just past "the creek" (Matadero? Not sure) and down a very long driveway, almost a street. For some reason he went to De Anza and I went to Palo Verde, even though I was closer to De Anza and he was closer to Palo Verde. One time we decided to head down the creek and we went all the way to what was then called Bayshore Freeway (Hwy 101). We were pretty crazy with some of our activities and we proved it once again by going out on the highway, darting in and out of the oncoming traffic and madly waving our arms at the passing cars. It wasn't long before one of those cars belonged to the police, and the officer as you might imagine pulled over instantly. He took us both home. After that I was grounded from seeing him and somehow that experience put a distance in our young friendship. We sort of went our separate ways and established our own group of friends, but we never lost that connection from our early days together in our neighborhood. I still remember the day, as clear as if it were yesterday, when I heard the news of the car wreck that took his life. At that point in time it was the most shocking and devastating news I had ever heard. I am glad for the memories I have of him, and I will never forget those times in our youth when whatever idea we had for something to do we went for it without holding anything back. Rest in peace my friend. I know you will be remembered by everyone fortunate enough to attend this 50 year reunion.




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